Who We Are | Welcome to Prediq

We’re Entrepreneurs, Business Owner, Marketers, CMO’s, Leaders and Consultants.

We are you.

We’ve been where you are – which is why we understand the challenges that come with navigating today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. But the reality of the digital world is that you better show up, and show up big. You’ve got to spend time and resources to ensure you stay relevant and dynamic among the competitors in your industry, and that means you either become a part-time marketer in your non-existent spare time, you create an in-house marketing position, you pick up a part-time freelancer or you decide to put it all in the hands of a marketing agency.

Until now.

We’ve created a better way to win lead, sales and customers

The Prediq collective is a diverse team of highly skilled marketers working collaboratively to transform your biggest marketing challenges into your biggest growth opportunities. We combine our extensive marketing expertise and proven business strategies with your team’s industry know-how to co-create and execute the most dynamic, engaging and profitable marketing campaigns.

What does this mean for your business?

It means empowering your business to experience a total digital transformation. It means challenging the standards and making a commitment to the unique process that is business growth. We help align your mission with your messaging — and your budget. We’re skilled at uncovering hidden growth opportunities and discovering what work

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