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As a part of Prediq Media’s Digital Marketing Summer Series, the company will be kicking off with a presentation on How to Increase Your Digital Visibility with the Power of Email Marketing.  The event will take place on Wednesday, June 17th at 8:00am at the Empire Executive Offices in Fort Lauderdale.

Digital Marketing Summer Series

Within the presentation, there will be many tips that will help anyone achieve success within the digital world. The first matter discussed is Marketing for Today. This will bring fellow businesses a perspective of what methods and routes need to be taken in order to sustain business within the fast-growing market.

The next imperative matter continues with How to Set Marketing Goals. Within today’s world, Prediq Media understands the many avenues of how to target those future opportunities. It may be fast paced in every industry, but the company loves to be open-minded to the many options and opportunities within the world of business.

From setting goals and executing them optimally, every business should have a Campaign that Drives Action. Altogether, a business should be able to promote themselves to the highest degree. By bringing attention to your business, this enables your business to continue the momentum of an effective campaign. Prediq Media is thrilled to take your custom brand above and beyond.

If you are interested in attending please RSVP by calling 954-531-0425 or register directly here.


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