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Prediq Media Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing has never been so important. To help you focus on your strategy, we have included tips to enhance your marketing efforts.

Site Optimization
  • Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are must tools for your website
  • Metrics is the key to success so make sure you add Google Analytics to your website. Start here or call us and we’ll do at no cost.

Make sure you add call tracking to your AdWords campaigns so that you can track how many calls you receive from your PPC ads.

Web Design

Having a mobile-friendly website is critical. Find out if your site is mobile-friendly by visiting the Google tool.

Social Media
  • Find out how you’re performing on Facebook by going to Page Insights. You can get a better understanding of who your most engaged audience is by regularly checking your Page Insights. It shows you: Post engagement, such as the number of people your posts were shown to, likes, comments, shares and . who like your Page and other demographic information, including their genders, ages and locations
  • How to generate leads on Twitter. Create your first Twitter lead generation card, sign up for Twitter Ads and locate the Twitter Ads feature under the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click on the Cards option on the navigation bar, and on the right you’ll find the button for creating your lead generation card.
Email Marketing

Increase your Email Open Rates. Find out how open rates vary from industry to industry. If you’re not sure how your open rate compares to other businesses, check out our Comparison By Industry Chart.

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