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Responsive Web Design Questions and Answers

1. What is a design responsive site?
A responsive site is a website that will look the same no matter what device it is viewed on. Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc. It has the same URL and because it still uses your site domain name it will help your over SEO efforts by adding more places that people will be able to view your site. Most sites built before 2012 are not responsive and since more and more internet viewing is being done with mobile devices it is important that your website is ready.

2. Why do I need a responsive site when I have a mobile site?
A mobile site is like a mini version of your site with a separate URL. It does not contribute to your overall SEO efforts and it is usually best used for a specific purpose – i.e. Registration

3. Do I need to keep a mobile site when I have a responsive site up?
It depends on how you use your mobile site, but generally you will now be giving your customers the ease of finding what they want directly on your site as if they were in front of a computer.

4. Why is the cost more than a mobile site?
A mobile site mostly likely will need regular updates to stay current. A responsive site will most likely not need any changes once it is complete therefore it takes a lot more time to program.

5. Are there any benefits to responsive web design?
There are various benefits. You will not only be providing an enhanced user experience but also reaching new potential customers. In addition, Google loves responsive and will reward your ranking.

6. What are breakpoints in responsive web design?
When designing a responsive site, it is important to determine the appropriate breakpoints. Breakpoints are specific browser widths that will trigger alternate layouts, corresponding to device sizes for an optimal user experience.

7. Which process is best to get a RWD?
The success of a responsive web design project depends upon team collaboration. Developers, writers, business owners, and technical staff must meet, review work, and make decisions throughout the process.

8. Does RWD gets you more customers?
When users open a non-responsive site on the smartphone, they typically get out immediately. This doesn’t happen with responsive site. Users like simplicity, accessibility, and usability, so RWD is key to capture more customers.

9. How does RWD help you stay competitive?
In any business, competition is fierce. If you have a responsive website, you’ll be equipped to compete with the giants of your business while leaving behind those who haven’t realize the importance of this technique yet.

10. How can I confirm whether my site is responsive?
There are several tools that allow you to test your site. However, the simplest test is minimizing the screen on your desktop. If the content shrinks and enlarges adapting to the size you set, then your site is responsive. You can also verify by viewing it from a mobile device. If you have to zoom to view that site it isn’t responsive.

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