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Social Media Questions and Answers

1. How do I find the right content for my target market?
Understanding your target market will help you find the right content. As yourself “What are my customer’s interested in?” “Why would they want to reads this?”

2. Does it work?
Social Media can help any business reach clearly defined goals of customer engagement with the proper strategy. But it requires time consistency and attention to detail.

3. How do I know which ones will work best for me?
Start off with the one that best resonates with your target market and then branch out.

4. I have a member of my staff posting for us? How is what you do different?
This is a solution that can be economical and perceived as an easy solution, but it can also bring mediocre results because unless the staff member is trained to manage campaigns and posts and write blogs that are relevant to your company personality you won’t see much activity. It will be treated as an afterthought in this type of scenario and weeks and months can pass by without a post. Sometimes content is not double checked for typos and spelling errors and can content can quickly become irrelevant.

5. What should I do to start a social media campaign for my business?
You can start by writing engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Utilizing Facebook ads can also kick of your social media campaign.

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