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In an ever-changing internet marketing industry, attorneys everywhere are turning to digital marketing agencies to obtain more clients for their law firms. Your potential clients are looking for you online – we’ll be sure they find you.

Whether your firm specializes in personal injury law, family law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, or the many niche specific areas in law, our team will work to ensure your firm’s online presence is stellar. With the explosive increase in the use of smartphones, it’s never been more important to choose a digital marketing agency that understands and implements responsive designs that give your website visitors a mobile-optimized experience. We take a holistic approach to your internet marketing campaigns, with specialized social media plans, website optimization, online search campaigns and more, all in order to create a dynamic increase in your digital visibility.

10 Reasons You Want To Work With The Experts At Prediq Media
  1. You Own All The Content & IP We Create For You – No company can ever hold your IP hostage at renewal time any more.
  2. Google Adwords & Analytics Certified – We know what we’re doing and do it well!
  3. Responsive Web Designs- New clients won’t skip to your competitors because they can’t read your site properly on their mobile device!
  4. SEO & Social Media Experts- Know that your site is performing organically and through a regularly managed campaign and receive at- a glance reporting.
  5. Constant Contact Partner – Your email campaigns are run through the most trusted e-mail marketing platform.
  6. Attorney Advisory Team – Know that your content is being safely monitored for potential risk.
  7. Free Directory & Leads – Who doesn’t need leads!
  8. No Outsourcing – All US Based in-house team.
  9. No Long Term Contract – We know you’ll love us! No need to handcuff you to our firm!
  10. The Prediq Performance Promise – We take our performance and your overall satisfaction seriously. Our priority is to increase digital visibility while staying consistent with your firm’s vision, goals and reputation. We want to ensure each client has the best possible experience.


Lawyer PPC Campaigns & Ads

We've created a list of our best performing Google Adwords Ad campaigns for attorneys. Below you'll find information about the "Suggested Max Cost Per Click," "Keywords," and "Sample Ads."

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