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Who We Are

We’re a digital marketing agency helping non-profits grow their organizations through internet marketing. We’ll help grow your donor base, find volunteers, promote your events and build a brand for your non-profit.

Why We Love Non Profit Organizations

Prediq Media has been giving back to nonprofit organizations from day one. Our CEO, Alex Oliveira, has been involved with nonprofit organizations in South Florida for over 16 years. From fund raising, donating, and volunteering and as a board member to several organizations he has a passion for this sector. As such all Prediq Media employees are encouraged to get involved with one of the many causes the company takes on throughout the year.


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Non Profit Marketing

Step 1
Our approach to creating Marketing Strategies for nonprofits are not that different than for our for profit clients. The first step is to take an inventory of your digital assets. This includes your website, social media channels, videos, photos and reviews. Once we’ve made an assessment of what we can work with we’ll advise you on what changes are needed to fit your needs. Every nonprofit is different even within the same markets.

Step 2 We’ll discuss your brand and your mission. Are your donors, volunteers and clients raving fans? They should be as these people are your biggest marketing asset. If you’re clear on your message these voices will amplify your cause a million times more than any website or ad campaign. This step is crucial in order for our team to clearly understand what your expectations are and what’s your desired outcome.

Step 3
We look at what changes your website and digital media assets need. If you need a completely new website then you’ll have a consultation with our Design and Development team. If your website is up to today’s standards then we can move on to creating a Digital Marketing Plan/Strategy to drive more users to your website.

Step 4 Now that we’ve learned about your brand and mission, we understand what digital assets we have to work with and which ones need to be created we can look at the type of content we need to create. We’ll determine whether you need videos, photos, copywriting, infographics, social media posts, white papers, case studies, etc. Integrating your online marketing strategy with your offline messaging is key. For example: print, tv, radio, billboards, magazines, direct mail, etc.

Step 5
As a Google Adwords Certified Agency we’ll apply for the Adwords Grant. This grant will give you $10,000 per month in pay per click advertising in the Google Search Engine. Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from AdWords. You could attract more volunteers. Get more donations. Most importantly share your story with audiences in the communities your organization impacts. This is possible with Google Ad Grants. The only fee you pay is our monthly campaign management fee and the campaign set up.

Step 6 We lay out a timeline to launch your Marketing Campaign and discuss what actions will be required from your end. Once we’ve launched the campaigns it’s time to measure the results. We’ll schedule monthly meetings to review your Google Analytics report along with Social Media Insights reports. These reports will help us identify how many new donors, volunteers, calls, web inquiries and clients you’re getting as a result of your new Marketing campaigns. Results will not come overnight. Like everything else online there are many variables that impact your results. Our job is to make sure we’re constantly optimizing your campaigns and monitoring your website and digital assets to make sure we hit your targets.


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Our mission is to connect students to non-profits


    • Talent Development Program
    • Digital Marketing Campaigns
    • Google AdWords Grant

Why choose us?

      • Talent Development Program: We train and connect college students to work on your non-profit organization’s  marketing at no cost to you.
      • Digital Marketing Campaigns: We identify your target audience and create thoughtful content and smart campaigns that will spark action for your cause.
      • Google AdWords Grant: We will help you win up to $10,000 per month in Google AdWords advertising. Then we build dynamic campaigns and manage your account.
      • Giving Tuesday Strategy: Learn more here 

The TDP is a partnership with several universities from FAU to Palm Beach State College where we recruit students in Marketing and Communications programs to work for us. We train them on different areas from Social Media to Branding and much more. We then pair them up with non profits

Core Values

      • Integrity: create a culture of transparency between clients and employees
      • Accountability: employees must take responsibility for their creation and stand behind it
      • Diligence: instill a sense of urgency to improve the quality of our work (acute/agile)


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