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To determine whether your website is responsive or not you can use the Bing or Google mobile friendly tool listed below.
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It’s all about the User Experience

Responsive web design is basically about providing the user or customer with a smooth experience through your site on any device. As we all know, web sites operate differently depending on which device you access it from. Some sites work great on your home computer, whereas on a mobile device it freezes or takes too long to load. We have the experience and research to accurately measure what is currently effective across different platforms.

Visitors to your website will quickly leave if the page does not have a useful and interesting layout. By integrating videos, photos and text, your visitors will be able to get a good feel for what you have to offer. The technology we use at PrediQ Media to embed videos and other features allows potential clients to discover for themselves why they should choose your product or services.

When consumers are able to interact with a website, it’s like you are right there with them guiding them through your array of products and services. A well-put-together website is like being guided through a brick-and-mortar store by an expert. When your website is created with interactivity in mind, each consumer will feel as if they are getting personalized service every time they visit.

Web Visibility Enhancement

The commercialization of the Web means that your site is just one of millions of pages clamoring for attention. On your website, you need to clearly define your product or service and why you are the best at what you do. An experienced digital marketing agency can help you ask the right web responsive design questions needed to create the right template. At PrediQ Media our main focus is getting your message out there as clearly as possible. It’s not always about being the loudest, biggest juggernaut out there. A clearly focused and well positioned site will do a lot more for you than a flashy over-hyped behemoth.

Content Management Systems

Even retailers who have never typed a single HTML code can create exciting and up-to-date content for their websites. In addition to plentiful open-source software such as WordPress, there are powerful tools out there available to web developers who are not comfortable with technical coding. If you don’t have the time to be updating your website on a daily or even hourly basis, let the advanced software do it for you. These types of Web applications can be fully automated to track the most popular products or services on a real-time basis and highlight them front and center on your website. Using this strategy allows your website to always be up-to-date and provides users with something new to see when they visit.

Using Website Analytics to Hone Marketing Strategies

Strategies for enhancing the success of your website include tracking which of your pages garner the longest views, the number of pages on your website viewed by each visitor, and whether or not these translate into actual purchases. This data is digested by our analytics team at PrediQ Media and used to drive marketing automation. The more feedback you receive from your IT platform, the better you can adapt and maintain efficiency. Our approach is to never overwhelm you with data. You choose how much or how technical you wish to go about it, and we’ll take care of the equations.

Responsive Web Design

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