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In today’s changing market, we like to keep clients informed with videos. These are just some of the categories we focus on to grow your business.

Video Marketing has become an important component of a digital marketing strategy. Websites and technology platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and many others offer video producing and distribution features at no cost to the user. Video is a great way to generate content for your brand or product offering. Small businesses shouldn’t worry about producing a video that is going to cost them thousands of dollars.  With a basic camera, smartphone or tablet you can produce and edit a video for the cost of your time. Don’t expect that your video is going to go viral either. Most videos will get a few hundred views at best. It’s no different than email or paid search. Once you’ve produced your video you should post it to your website and social media pages. Ask your friends and business connections to “like” and “share.”

If you’re going to launch a product or create a series of videos to promote your brand or an event then you’ll need to create a more robust plan. In this case you may want to consider hiring a professional company like Innoventive Media. They produced the video below.


As a Digital Marketing Agency, Prediq Media, has several partnerships with video production studios to help you produce a world class video. The first step is getting a clear understanding of your goals. If you’re looking for an integrated solution from ideation to production and marketing to measuring the results then we’re the agency for you. Please fill out this Questionnaire.

Once we understand your needs then we’ll create a video marketing plan for your brand or event. We’ve produced videos for clients in the US and Internationally. In the US we’ve worked with companies in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, New York City, Austin, Los Angeles and many others. Internationally we’ve worked with companies in the UK, Brazil, Philippines, India, China and many other countries in Europe. Call us today and start marketing your videos to your audience.



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