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18 Simple Questions to help get your project started

Please answer the following questions so I can better prepare your productions budget and schedule.

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1. What is your general idea for the project?

2. Can you outline the major points to be covered?

3. Who is the intended audience for the project?

4. Can you describe a typical viewer?

5. How many times will your audience view the video?

6. What is the desired length of the program?

7. Will you be writing the script or do you need a scriptwriter?

8. Will you provide the on-camera talent for the video shots?

9. Will you provide the shooting locations?

10. Are there any days you cannot plan to videotape this project?

11. Will there be any interviews conducted? If so, who would be interviewing and where?

12. Do you have any existing footage or photos that could be used for this project? (Example: VHS, slides, digital photos).

13. What will the finished video be mastered on? (Examples: DVD, Internet Movie File, Business Card CD).

14. Do you need print services or duplication for the finished video?

15. Would you like any special footage like helicopter aerials or your company, underwater, fashion, camera effects, etc?

16. Do you have a digital version of your company logo that we can use?

17. Would you like any special animation or graphic effects?

18. Who will be the contact person for the project and approve the final edit?

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