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Prediq Performance Promise
IQDesign ✔Communication ✔ Metrics 

At Prediq Media, we take our performance and your overall satisfaction seriously. Our priority is to increase your digital visibility while staying consistent with your company’s vision, goals and reputation.

When your company becomes our new partner, we will work collaboratively with you to create a Statement of Work, which will include the benchmarks of Design Satisfaction, Communication, and Metrics Reporting. If for any reason we do not satisfactorily meet the outlined benchmarks, we will continue to work on achieving those goals at no charge to you, until the mutually preset standard of performance is met.

  • Design Satisfaction: Includes production outline and benchmark dates.
  • Communication: Includes preset check-in status calls and continuous email communication throughout the process.
  • Metrics Reporting: Includes SEO metrics and interpretation, Social Media Metrics, etc

Your potential customers are searching for your business online – and we’ll ensure they find you. We look forward to creating a targeted internet marketing strategy for your company to bring your company to the next level.

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